Streamline course evaluation process – accountability

Streamline course evaluation process – accountability

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• Streamline course evaluation process – accountability
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Re: Streamline course evaluation process – accountability

Postby jrichards » Tue May 17, 2016 4:52 pm

The current process for evaluating a course from another institution for equivalency to a Sac State requirement involves a student submitting a petition and course syllabus to the UBAC office. We review it for basic qualifications (lower/upper division, regional or AACSB accreditation), then forward to the faculty advisor in a particular area for review of the content to determine whether it is an appropriate substitution.

These petitions come in sometimes after a student has taken a course (new transfers who need to determine whether they have already met a requirements), and sometimes before (a student planning study abroad or summer enrollment).

Many faculty advisors are very responsive and return these petitions within 2 weeks. Some will hold on to them for months, requiring us to send reminders. Others will refuse to review a course since they don't teach it, and we have to seek out another reviewer. It is sometimes impossible to get certain courses reviewed over the summer, when most of our incoming transfers need assistance.

It is our hope that the new area "leaders" will understand their responsibilities in course evaluations, whether it be to take care of them personally or delegate to other faculty, and have a clear expectation of how vital it is that these be reviewed in a timely manner. Perhaps the new associate dean position can also take some leadership in making sure the process is smooth and quick.

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