Course restrictions for minors

Course restrictions for minors

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• Course restrictions for minors
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Re: Course restrictions for minors

Postby jrichards » Tue May 17, 2016 4:53 pm

A student who has declared ANY minor in the CBA (Business Admin, MKTG, HROB, Risk Mgmt, etc.) has access to enroll in ANY course that we offer. We have seen many students take this route in order to circumvent the major admission criteria, and take seats from students who were legitimately admitted to the upper division major. This "backdoor" approach has forced UBAC staff to have to manually check enrollment of all 300+ minors each semester to make sure students are not taking more classes than they actually need for their declared minor.

Ideally, we would like to change course enrollment criteria so that students in specialized minors are only allowed to enroll in courses that meet minor requirements; students in the general Business Admin minor would need to be manually enrolled in the 2 elective courses they can choose. While this would require a lot of paperwork up front since they are technically curriculum changes that require university approval, this would save us a lot of time and staff manpower in the long run. I would much rather be advising students on their long-term plans than policing their enrollment!

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